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CQ shift linkage

Hi there,
	HOpe I can be of help.  I had a similar problem in my 4000q.  I
looked at the linkage inside the car under the boot like you did to no
avail.  When I was at work I tried to go to lunch and it wouldn't shift at
all.  It had gotten much worse over the past week.  WHen I inspected the
linkage where it hooks up to the tranny I found the problem.  It was no
longer even connected!!!    Luckily it fell off right when I pulled in to
work and hit the gravel parking lot.  I looked under the car and found the
missing piece.
	There is a ball and socket joint where the rod connects to the
shaft coming out of the tranny.  There is a small 10mm bolt that screws in
to holt everything tight.  The bolt had come loose and the joint separted
it.  I forced the joint back together ( a tight fit) and then tightened
that bolt.  Worked great untill it started to loosen a week later.  I
checked that some joint and, wallaa, that bolt was loose again.  I put on
some locktite and really cranked it down, drove for a week, then to Pikes
Peak and back, and then another 5000 miles since then.  No problems yet.
Shifts great.  Except now I need Synthetic tranny fluid for this cold
	Anyhow, I would check this linkage.  I accesed it from the ingine
compartment.  It is on the driver side of the tranny.  Have someone sit in
the car and move the stick back and forth to help you locate it.  Just
follow the moving parts. 
	Hope this is of help to you.  I'm sure there are many areas it
could be loose but you may want to check it.  L8R

	Todd Phenneger   aka: Zarati
	1984 4000s quattro / New Red Paint
	2.5" Borla SS Exhaust  /  Boge Turbo Gas Shocks
	15" Wheels & 205/50 ZR15 Bridgestone RE-71s
	Considering a Turbo Conversion  :)