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Re: Steering Column Switch

OnThu, 23 Oct 1997 12:04:16 -0700, Paul Kuettel wrote:
>[ ... ]
>My turn signal/high beam stalk flops around aimlessly fore and aft,
>therefore, the brights are always on unless I manually hold the stalk
>back halfway, which is very inconvienient.
>Looking for advice:  Any cheap fixes without replacing the whole
>steering column switch assembly?  If not, where can I get one cheaper
>than from Audi?

Don't screw around with it. You should be able to find a new
combo switch for around $125 and it's an easy R&R. Sorry,
I can't lay my hands on a particular source at the moment.
Perhaps someone else will oblige.

DeWitt Harrison   de@aztek-eng.com
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq