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Re: TQC Fuel injection problems

Staci Hemmerlin wrote:
> I have an 83 TQ.  It has several problems.
> It runs rough at idle when it is warmed up and misses every 2-3 seconds.  I
> have installed new cap, rotor, wires and plugs.  The rest of the ignition
> system is computer controlled.  I do not believe that the problem is
> ignition related, feel free to correct me.
>         The Control pressure is 15psi on start up and 36psi warm.  The system
> pressure is 68psi but the needle on my gauge flutters about 3-4 psi.  I set
> the duty cycle last night to 50%.  It fluxuates between 47-53.  When I
> ground the white/blue wire that is used to check the duty cycle the engine
> speed increases to about 1200 rpm and the motor runs smoothly and does not
> miss.
>         When the car is cold it will start right up stumble for 5 seconds then
> die.  It will then start up again run for a little longer and die again.
> Usually on the third or fourth try it will remain running, but it will only
> pop and stutter until it has warmed up some.  I live in southern California
> so it is not really that cold.
> I am open to any and all suggestions.
> Thank you in advance
> Jeff Hemmerlin
> 83 TQC
> 95 S6
	If your gauge reads 36psi warm your pressures are low the bently calls
for 3.4 - 3.6 bar warm about 54psi,try another gauge.