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Re: Why an SUV?

Frederic Breitwieser wrote:
> Howdy Ralph,

> I see two problems with SUV's for the most part -
> 1. People who drive them sometimes have too much confidence in foul
> weather.  Rubber and ice don't mix irregardless of what you drive.

As self-proclaimed President (for life) of the "Anti-SUV 'Cause They
Don't Know What They're Doing Society" (ASUVCTDKWTDS), I submit the

Skip all the retoric.  The vast majority of SUV owners (those with
legimate reasons need not spam me) are trying to make a
"Fashion/Financial Statement".

Seriously, when a young lady, barely 5', sits in a Navigator or Yukon,
she looks like a small, insignificant, manufacturer's option rather than
the driver.

But I digress.  Enough about the SUVs.  I've convinced my sig other that
maybe a better choice to replacing the Jeep G. Wagoneer is a Quattro
(provided I find one weighing  2MT).  Mr. Payne, if I stuffed all your
trunk stuff in a 5000TQW, would it make the grade?

MJ Murphy
89 100
forgive me, but I'm having some fun with new La Pellino Espresso Machine
and a liter of Sambuca (home alone and loving it).