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Re: 5000tq Mods

Scott M. wrote:

> >
> > Last week, I had the chance to ride in the newest version
> of E.F.
> > 87 5000tq.  I must say that I am very impressed with the
> > power that the new setup makes.  Although I am not at
> liberty to discuss
> > the full specifics of the car, <snip>
> Well, until you are at liberty to discuss the full
> specifics, we can do without this useless info-mercial for
> E.F. Inc.
> Ditto on the Dave Lawson comments regarding the
> "programmed" boxes, I've had one in my car since 10/96.

Here we go hissy fit time.  OK Eric Fletcher is one of my good friends. 
This is an Audi list where those who have something to say about Audis
say it.  I rode in a car that blew my mind at the performance
considering what some people on this list have said about larger turbos
etc.  I am not selling anything, Eric is not selling anything, unless I
buy it to put on my car.  Some of the things done to this car have not
even been disscussed by the serious tweekers who regularly voice their
opinions on the list.  You want the box, of which I have seen SIX
different chips to plug into it; from mild to wild, then maybe the
listmember developing it will sell it.  I cannot divulge who that is. 
Ask and they might respond, it is not up to me to put them into a spot
they do not want to be in.  The reference was to commercially available
"chip mods".  Big turbo, no lag, fuel for more hp than I would have
guessed.  Maybe it was a wakeup call to those who think they have the
most hp.  Maybe it was just to share a wild ride with the list.  I see
the glass half full, and you?  

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri