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Re: Stock CIS, running out of gas at 2 bar?

On Thu, 23 Oct 1997, Scott M. wrote:

> I was doing some testing yesterday on my 89 200TQ where I
> measured the voltage output from the CIS Air-flow plate
> With the ign. key on and the air flow plate pushed up by
> hand to the top of its travel (max air flow) the voltage
> output was 4.465 V. 
> record the max boost. The air-flow plate rose up until the
> voltage read 4.216. Max boost recorded was 1.79 bar. If we
> assume a linear relationship, the air flow plate was at
> ~94% of its travel. I would imagine that there are a few
> good to 300-325 HP, at this point, I think that figure may
> need to be reduced a bit.

	Landmark post - "you da Man!"   I think that those that are 
running more boost, or bigger turbos are probably forcing the flapper to 
the end of its travel, and sucking more air around it.   The ECU has no 
clue then how much air you are really getting and can only assume you're 
at the normal expected WOT point, so it delivers its max fuel 
allotment.   That's why cars with big turbos run so lean.   I can't 
believe we haven';t seen more holed pistons with all the big turbos 
running around!

Graydon D. Stuckey 
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