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Hi! Qlist!!
Someone write about Audi's recall 900,000 car worldwide,well I found
Q.What is the reason for this measure?
A.Audi is recalling to its workshops 835,000(391,000)in Germany) from
the model ranges Audi 80,A4,A6,A8,model year 1995-1996.An additional
earth connection will be fitted inthe steering wheel of these car. In
wheather conditions which favour the buildup of static electricity,it is
possible that the airbag may deploy spontaneously if the driver enter or
leaves the car while carrying a strong static charge.This CAN ONLY
happen when the car is at a standstill and NOT while it is in motion.

Audi is in addition recalling  to its workshops 68,800 car (19,400 in
Germany) from the model ranges Audi 80,100,200,V8,coupe and
cabriolet,model year 1988-1992.Which are fittedwith a driver airbag On
these model,First generation airbag control unit is being replaced by a
more advanced version of greater durability.

The owner of the vehicle in question will be informed in writing within
the next few days.

Q.How many cases have there been?
A. A decision to launch a safety-related racall campain DOES NOT depend
on number of vehicles affected.The sole aim must be to provide a
reliable guarantee of maximum safety for our customer and to exclude any
residual risk.

Q.How likely is the airbag to be triggered off by ESD?
A.The number of actual cases is tiny compared with the large number of
vehicle recalled.The probability is less than 0.1 per 1000.

Q.When did this problem first come to light?
A.On the strength of our present knowledge cases dating back to the
start of 1996 can be attributed to ESD.

Q.Which model are affected?
A.All model from the 1995-1996 model years.

Q.How are you able to be so precise about the model year affected?
A.The fault occurred when Audi introduced new steering Wheels at the
start of the 1995 model year.The desing of the steering wheels
introduced for the  1997 model year was modified and these model are NOT

Q.Which steering wheels are affected?
A.All steering wheels from the production period in question.

Q.What is being modified?
A.Our investigation have revealed that the new steering wheels
introduced for the 1997 model year are not affected as they have better
earthing properties.We are passing on this improvement to customer in
the field and fitting an additional earth  connection in these steering

Q.What measures have been taken since you became awared of this problem?
A.Our present findings and the recall campaind are base on intensive
internal investigation and test by AUDI'S RESERCH AND DEVELOPMENT

Q.Has anyone  been injured so far?

Q.Is the problem more acute in certain countries or region than other?
A.To date,Audi only has knowledge of instances of the airbag clearly
having been triggered by ESD in Europe(specifically Northern Europe and
Alpine countries)and even then this hss only ocurred in very SPECIFIC
climatic condition(low temperature,very low humidity).

Q.What is this racall campain costing??
A.Audi is not currently able to make any statement on the exact cost.The
campain is being held on a worldwide scale,so it is impossible to quote
an exact figure at present.

Q.Will the racall campain affect the company's profits??
A.Audi does not  expect it to have any impact on its annual result.Every
company sets up reserves to cover any such eventualitie.Audi expects its
profits for 1997 tomshow a renewed increase on the previous year.

Q.Was this Audi's largest recall campaing to dated?

Well that's for now make your own charge!!