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5000CS TQ Starter

Hello everyone.. First of all im new to this list and not quite sure how it
works.. im very familiar with computers but there is quite a bit to these
lists.. Here is my problem:
A few months ago.. when i started my car.. it made a high pitch squealing
noise... the dealer told me it was the starter.. and that it was starting
to go.. he said that it would last a while how it is though.. so i said
ok.. anyways.. it stopped the sqealing.. and since then ive just had to
turn the key hard for it to start.. well thats no longer the case.. now it
wont start at all.. so what im wondering.. is the cheapest place for me to
get a starter from.. (fast shipping is a must too) and if i could possibly
install it myself... Any help on ordering/ and or instructions on if it can
be installed would be appreciated.... please respond back to this list..
and/or my address at: nsaustin@stthomas.edu Thanks ever so much.

-Nate Austin