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Stock CIS, running out of gas at 2 bar?

In message <199710240354.UAA08285@mail1.teleport.com> "Scott M." writes:

>> The travel of the air flow sensor plate is not linear
>> just look at the shape of the funnel the plate rides in.
>> All of the air goes around the plate and the shape of the
>> funnel regulates the amount of lift and the amount of fuel.
> Well according to the Bosch book, with the K-Lamda system,
> the movement of the plate and the corresponding movement of
> the plunger is indeed linear. But, I will look into this
> some more and see as I am not convinced the movement is
> linear either.

You guys are both right - but you're talking about different things.

The relationship between plate displacement and plunger displacement
is linear.

The relationship between air volume and plate displacement is _NOT_
linear and is governed by a whole shitload of factors including
funnel shape, air viscosity, etc.

Changing the funnel shape is one of the options.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club