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Re: If you don't mind....

I got this question from:   "S. Saylor" <sds@flashpnt.com>
And thought I should send it to the Quattro list in addition to 
replying to him.

....> If you know about this one I'd be real thankful for a reply. 
> Car - '93 Audi 90
> Power distribution system thinks the ignition has been turned off
> even when the car is running.
>  - no head lights
>  - no power windows
>  - no blinkers
>  - no sunroof
> Fuses all fine, wondering which relay flips the juice to these
> systems.  Ideas?

Wow!!  This is a new one on me.  Logic sez that there must be a major 
wiring branch coming off the ignition switch which has problems - or 
POSSIBLY the switch itself is not re-engaging the normal circuits 
after the starter switch is released.  BUT - I dunno.  My first guess 
would be to look at the ignition switch and make sure it's 
re-connecting the accessory circuit after the starter is released.  
Sounds like a multitester job to check the switch output - and 
possibly some Bentley work.

This gent is not on the Quattro list, I think...so please respond 
directly to him.

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