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re: to audi or not to audi

>>Basically, I want to get your opinions on audi reliability

Don't be scared by the repair stories on this list.  First of all, many of
the cars here are
6-12 yrs old with 100-200k miles.  Second, by our very nature of being
on this list, we're mostly anal.

My 1991 90q20v has NEVER left me DOA, and has eaten only things like
shocks, tires, brake pads, and a few misc switches in 7 years and 120k
Granted the rubber bushings are slowly dying, but that's life with an old

My 1995 A6Q (almost exactly 2 years old) has had the following work done:

------nothing, nada, zero -------------

Change the oil, rotate the tires, wash it.  That's it.

Newer also seems to be better.  My '95 > my '91 > my '84 > my '81.
Manuals seem tougher than autos.  Stay on top of maintenance.