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Audi newbie

I've been lurking here for the past three or four weeks since I
bought an '87 5ktqw.  It's my first Audi (and first turbo, and first
AWD), but I've had four VWs (GTI, GTI 16V, Fox, Golf III) and I'm
hooked.  So far I love the car and only wish that it was half as old
with half the miles (it's at 157k).

The original owner seems to have kept the car in good mechanical and
cosmetic shape and he provided the service records for the past four
years (since about 100K).  Of course there are a few minor problems
(driver's seat heater, cruise control, some climate control faults,
etc).  I've ordered the Bentley manuals to help with troubleshooting,
but the extent of repairs that I'll attempt remains to be seen.  

For anything major that comes up, I'll be paying someone else to do
the work.  In an effort to be prepared, I'm looking for a mechanic
other than the dealer.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a Audi
shop in the Raleigh, NC area?

I'm making a list of other questions and if I can't answer them from
the Bentley, I'll post them here.  You folks seem to have all the
answers. :)

Rick Hunt