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RE: Chip or not? Q Coupe 20v

I put a TAP chip in my 90q 20v (same motor). It made a little
difference. maybe 10 or so HP with a K&N (minimal results - really only
crisper throttle response from idle). You'll get worse gas mileage, and
the car still isn't  much faster.

If I bought a coupe today I'd put in a turbo motor. Otherwise it's not
really worth killing the gas mileage. You're still not going to beat
anybody in a straight line. I guess I'd spend my $200-300 making sure
the motor was running at top spec instead (plugs, wires, cap rotor, fuel
filter, etc etc).

My .02.


91 200q (TAP, Bilstein/Eibach, etc, 164k miles)
86 5ktq (IA, Borla, 127k miles, for sale soon)
Formerly 90q20v (TAP chip, and still too slow off the line for me)

Anyone chip an 1990/91 quattro coupe? Tell me about it? Thanks Rick