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Boosting der K-24

Salutations to All,

Just got a "Charlie" spring from James Fawectt yesterday (Thanks,
James!). Car now hits 1.8 bar (according to guage), formerly 1.7. Before I
increase the spring tension, I have a question: Those of you who've BTDT (Jerry
Beer & assorted speed freaks) or know this kind of nerdy stuff (Scott J,
Scott M, The Shadow, etc.): How much boost can these 3B motors/turbos take
before they blow themselves to kingdom come? (Prolly less at the 7000'
where I live than the rest of you sea-level types). Also, whence cometh the
name "Charlie" spring?
I can't yet say if  I have quicker spoolup, as it was snowing hard last
night when I went for a brief test-drive: my cars always seem to spool up
rather rapidly when they're on lots of fresh snow (especially when I
haven't put the snow tars on)!

91 200q RS2 manifold, Ur-Q wheels, etc.