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Re: Why an SUV?

Yes, these SUVs are popular and seen as trendy and thought to do figures
8s in the snow.  Yes they are nice for trips with the whole family but how
often does that happen?  85% of the time there is one person in the SUV
and I shake my head in disgust.  A close friend recently graduated and the
parents were to help with a "new" car.  She likes SUVs and I steered her 
to an A4TQand she also test drove a Jetta and a 91V8Q 5 speed!! She
thought the Jetta was OK but not as solid as she would like.  The V8Q
(dealer wanted 23K for it and it was not perfect) was awesome, much
quicker than my V8 auto but price was too much.  The A4 was her favorite,
she was
surprised how how well the car handled and the smoothness of the stick and
the engine.  She loved the fold down rear seats because she hauls around
hockey equip etc.  BUT she got a 2 yr old Jeep Laredo b/c her parents
thought it was safer and she has always liked them and the amt of gear
they can carry.  Well I tried to steer her to our side.
Rich Romero