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Lighting Kits

I just got off the phone with the lady at Competition Limited, a source for
rally parts and a kit to wire up 9005/6 bulbs via relays etc.  She was
impressed that I was the third v8 Quattro owner to have contacted her today
(as a result of a discussion on the V8 list).

The kit is $54.95 plus the cost of the bulbs (19.95 ea x 4 if you get the
80 watt 9006 low beams and the 100 watt 9005 highs),but she offers a 20%
discount on the kit price if the bulbs are ordered at the same time.

I suggested that she offer the Qlist(s) the same discount (20% on
everything), and she is going to consider it.  WHY don't we ALL send her
email asking for this?  (WELL, All of us who might be interested in such...)

BTW, she mentioned some problem with the computer thinking  that there was
a bulb burned out (my V8's in the shop getting a new CV boot at the moment,
so I can't see what the manual says), and said that one of the guys who
called earlier said that Eliot (bless your heart, Eliot) had a fix.

Eliot, what's the story here, if I may ask...?