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Minivan and SUV bashing

Having read many of the threads bashing SUV's and minivan recently, I must
object to half of the arguement.  SUV's are a waste for most people,
however, minivans as boring, ugly, etc as they may be,  are probably a much
better vehicle for most people then their SUV's.  The minivans carry more
people, more stuff, get better gas mileage, are quieter, handle better,
stop faster, have reasonable tires for street use and generally use 90's
technology instead of left over components from the '80's.

Don't get me wrong, I would never trade in my Q or Porsche on either ( I
did own an SUV for a couple of months to learn how pathetic they are,
before I bought the Q), but most people don't know how to drive, nor do
they appreciate fine cars.  They go from place A to B, put gas in and
change the oil every 7,500 for "thorough maintenance".  These people should
have minivans, because minivans are great for basic transportation.  Just
my opinion.
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