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Re: The saga continues... (long)

I share the pain as well, my '90 Corrado was in the shop for pretty much three months and my loaner car was an '82 Rabbit, talk about a step down.  Well, at least it was a VW.  My QSW has so many problems(non-operable power windows, parking brake, etc) that I'm not even going to bother fixing most of them.

My car's passenger side door handle was busted when I bought it.  The only way I found to open it was to reach in the handle hole and "flip" the lever the handle would have grabbed on to.  According to my mechainc, most times when when a door is "frozen" it can be fixed by replacing the door handle.  Jim, how did you end up getting your door open?


On 10/24/97 10:34:14 you wrote:
>I know where you are coming from.  After I bought my QSW, the front 
>power window broke.  I spent hours and days fixing it.  Then, the back 
>passenger door would not open.  The latch was broken.  Hear is a puzzler 
>for you all:  how do you fix/replace the latch if you can't get the door 
>open.  I finally was able too, but I would say it was about 90% luck 
>that I was able to do it.
>Matthew Brenengen
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