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ur-q cold running problems

     There seem to be at least a couple of listers who are having problems 
     with their ur-qs as the weather turns colder. In an attempt to fix my 
     problems I swapped the control pressure regulator (aka the warm up 
     regulator). The good news is this seems to have fixed my cold starting 
     problem. With the old CPR the car would refuse to start after sitting 
     outside in cold weather and require WOT and 2-3 minutes of cranking 
     and feathering the throttle before I could get her to idle normally. 
     This seems (need a really cold day to prove it) to have been fixed by 
     swapping the CPR.
     The second cold weather problem is a hesitation, feels like fuel 
     starvation above 3k rpm, this is most apparent in 5th gear but 
     noticeable to a lesser extent in all gears. The new CPR has not fixed 
     this problem. I'll be taking a look at the following this weekend and 
     would appreciate more suggestions:-
     1) Temp sender and connector, below #1 plug
     2) Distributor cap
     3) Replace/check vacuum lines.
     I've already done the auxilliary air regulator, plug wires, and plugs.
     Thanks and regards, Mike
     '85 ur-q (with a number of parts on loan from my '83)
     '83 ur-q WIP