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Re: 90-91 Quattro Coupe

Chick Wells wrote:

> Could someone tell me if there are any spec differences between a 90 and 91 20v
> Coupe, just from a drivetrain perspective. Also, could someone steer me to a
> source where I might find decent 90-91 coupes for sale (I realize how rare they
> are). I've only found 1 in Atlanta in 12 months and it had been wrecked. I'm
> willing to travel for a good one. Please reply to me directly, as I'm not on the
> list, yet. Thanks

The 1990 had tuned stainless steal exhaust headers. The 91s have cast iron lotech.
headers.Some 1990 coupes did not have a rear sway bar.
The 1991s have a glass sun roof.
And some replacement parts for the 1990 will not fit the 1991 coupe.
Thats about it.

1990 CQ