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Re: The Apology

Wouldn't it be wonderfurl if everybody used unix instead of POS microsoft? I 
mean, folks, this sort of thing wouldn't happen, or at least not so often
and unrelentlessly:

----- Begin Included Message -----

I was wondering who would do that, and I hereby proffer a megabyte sized 
apology to the list for my lassitude in dealing with matters electronic.  

----- SNIP ------

The only ameloriating circumstance that I can offer in my defense is that the
new computer at home uses a different mail system.  At home it defaults to
_including_ the reference post and the system at work defaults to _excluding_
the reference post... and clearly, I was at home.  I humble beg forgiveness at
having caused so great a transgression in bringing this difference to my
attention.  I will fix it.

Regards, Gross

----- End Included Message -----


- I like unix for the same reason I like my 4000s quattro -

'85 4ksq, a dream car for a poor student
unix with OpenWindows interface on assorted 'puters, a dream environment to
program 3-D graphics in c++, to play with math and Mathematica :)