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Re: i need some help :>

At 05:35 PM 10/24/97 -0600, you wrote about your compression check:
>Sorry :> anyway they all where with in spec.
>Now I have the cy head off......hehhe what should I do

Remember - the 5000 normally aspirated (non turbo) is a non interference
engine. If you have inspec cylinder pressures this means 1) you haven't
holed a piston, and 2) your valves are seating normally.

Are you sure you did some damage? When the belt went, about what RPM?

I was going to say maybe you don't need to pull the head when I saw that
you've got it off...  I would take it to a head shop - have it hot tanked
and have the valves/valve guides/springs checked. The exhaust valves are
expensive (sodium filled). Have the head checked to ensure its not warped -
if so, you need to have it surfaced. Replace the valve seals and as many
guides as indicated. Have the valves lapped (reseated with lapping compund).
Get a upper end gasket kit and put her back together. You may find that
there is no real damage and the reason it wouldn't start is because you got
the timing wrong when the belt slipped/broke.

Although I've done plenty of head jobs (no pun intended), I'll post this to
the list also for other comments - I've never done an Audi head and there
may be some other things to check I'm not cognicent of...
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