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Re: Replacing washer nozel on '93 90

On Fri, 24 Oct 1997 15:25:36 -0600 mdaniels@dsw.com (Matt Daniels)
>     Does anybody know how to replace/fix my passenger side washer 
>     The drivers side works great, but all I get is a dribble out of 
>     passenger side. Is there a way to try and "unclog" it? or would 
>it be 
>     best to just replace the whole thing?
>     Any help would be great.
>     Please respond to the email address below.
>     Thanks
>     Matt Daniels
>     mdaniels@xmission.com
>     1993 90S
It depends what it is clogged with.  Sometimes you can remove the line
and back blow it with a blow gun at about 90 psi.  I've had mine plugged
with wax before (I learned to run the washer immediately after waxing). 
it's something soft like wax, a straight pin or pick will break it loose.
you can redirect the spray.  Good luck.

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