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Re: pricing

Recent examples of Audis I found interesting (in AZ)
my 87 5kcst- $4400, flawless, 1/96.
84 5kst, $750. Ran well, cosmetically? 
86 5kcstq- $1600. Pearl white, a rocket. Had 211k when I drove it. Needed
a windshield, rack and AC. Thus did not find liquidation of my 5kt
And a less recent one that got away:
8/94:Having sold all but my soul to buy a Saab 9000t, I was automotively
satisfied enough to pass up a Zermatt Silver '84 ur-Q. With Thule racks,
BBS 16" w/P700z, 86k. $4100 obo!!!! Seller figured it was worth as much
over a standard GT as a 5ktq is over a 5kt. Sigh.