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The Saga: Thanks... and uns*bbing for a week..

Thanks to all that replied. I appreciate the empathy, sympathy, BTDT, and misc. tips. Much appreciated.

At the dealer today, they felt that the clutch was a bit low.. and recommended a clutch slave cylinder first, since that could be causing the notchy shifter. Well, it didn't fix it, but FWIW, the clutch is better. Back to the drawing board...

(I looked in the Bentley, and there is a section on adjusting the shifter... I'm gonna try that myself... if it is possible. Another project... for another time.)

The steering wheel is now straight. That made me happy, and made it possible to hit 90 mph or so on the way home.. comfortably. Nice and stable... I can't wait to get some upgraded shocks/struts/springs, and wider rims and tires. Then I'll enjoy it even more!!

Anyway, I have to head up to the Boston area to meet with my boss on Monday, whose office is up there. FWIW, my new job will keep me in the Maryland area (for now). I may have to move a bit closer to PA, though. One step at a time..

FWIW, I'll be unsubbing for a few days... so if anyone is looking for me, or looking for a response, it'll have to be next week sometime.

Thanks again, everyone, and take care.

Jim Griffin
Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
'92 Audi 100S
'87 VW Quantum Syncro Wagon