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Last Call

Hi Y'all,

Last call for 1988 Audi calendars.  I will wait until Thursday, November 5
before I send off the order to Germany.  You still have time to get a check
out if you act quickly.  That's $25 per calendar.  If you decide to send a
check, please let me know so that I can be looking for it.

The list of participants so far is below.  If you should be on it but
aren't, let me know ASAP.

Jason Palmer
Steve Manning
Ti Kan  (2)
Gary Ericson (2)
Mark Nelson  (2)
Steve Buchholz
Stott Hare
James Zwahlen
Mark Hilbush
Jason Filuk
Rusty Schlacke
Ian Duff
Shawn Mullen
Albert Ng
Berthann Mulieri
Ed Kellock
Arun Rao
Jordan Backus

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