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FS oil only turbo

Turbo has very few miles and is really in exellent condition. It comes out
of friend's wrecked '82 (or was it 83)
5000st  Best offer?

I am in the SF Bay Area 
ph (408)984-8480 

Import Service (this month) has a good article on Audi 5000 (100/200) sun
roofs, nothing we don't already know but interesting reading anyway...
This magzine is free for the asking so to speak, one has to mail a card
and be presumably "in the industry" Past couple of years they had a few
good articles on V8s, Bosh fuel injection with Audi as a patient wehicle,
exhaust gas composition, allignments (very good series indeed!) etc.
So if anyone is interested the address is 
	Import Service
	306 N Cleveland-Massilon Rd
	Akron OH 44398-6073