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Re: The saga continues... (long)

Here's an electrical nightmare for you.  I bought my 82 Quantum wagon
with three broken door handles (pass. fr. was the only one which
worked), previous owner always used child safety locks so back doors
were totally inoperable. windows inoperable and front ones both half way
To get back doors open, I cut/broke door handles, removed fron half, and
screw tab off with the screw that goes in from the door jamb.  Then I
reached in 
and opened the door.

Paul Anderson, Cheyenne, WY  87 5000SQ, 84 5000CST, 82 VW Quantum, 
78 Fiat Spider, 87 Merkur XR4Ti  Private email AndersonPaul@juno.com

On Fri, 24 Oct 1997 12:53:02 -0500 (CDT) sfibre@ix.netcom.com writes:
>I>mechainc, most times when when a door is "frozen" it can be fixed by 
>replacing the door handle.  Jim, how did you end up getting your door 

>>I know where you are coming from.  After I bought my QSW, the front 
>>power window broke.  I spent hours and days fixing it.  Then, the 
>>passenger door would not open.  The latch was broken.  Hear is a 
>>for you all:  how do you fix/replace the latch if you can't get the 
>>Matthew Brenengen
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