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Re: Lights

At 07:04 PM 10/24/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I've been following the "lights in the bumper" thread for a few days
>and I would like to check out the Pilot PL-1055c lights. I hope you
>don't mind a few more questions.
>Are they a significant help? Are they useful for additional "brights"
>or are they more of a low beam helper. I know you said that they were
>driving lights, but there does seem to be quite a bit of variation on
>that theme. I tried a pair of Hella Auxillary Low Beams last winter,
>and they worked nicely, but my wife scraped them off on a snowbank a
>month after installation. I really like the "in the bumper" idea.
>What variety of auto parts store did you find them in?
>David Ritter
>89 200Q
>90 200QW

For the twisty, steep, mountain roads I drive to and from our house daily,
these lights are just what the doctor ordered until the lense arrive from
Germany for the 100 model european headlights I have sitting in a box
waiting to be installed.  I wired them with a relay triggered off the high
beam lead to the right light.  They are useful, the way I have them aimmed
for additional brights.  I drove around with them on on the highway to see
if I'd get flashed by other drivers, but did not.  Now when I turn on the
high beams, the light ouput on the road actually looks like high beams.  As
a comparison, they are a bit brighter in appearance then the USA Audi V8
high beams in my wife's car.

I bought them in Portland at "GI Joes" which is a "Pep Boys" like store
except that it also has sporting goods.

I hope this helps.

John Karasaki

Audi Quattro Fanatic