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Burning SUVs at the stake (the hysteria continues)

>Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 13:06:13 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Richard Romero <romero@helix.mgh.harvard.edu>
>Subject: Re: Why an SUV?
>Yes, these SUVs are popular and seen as trendy and thought to do figures
>8s in the snow.  Yes they are nice for trips with the whole family but how
>often does that happen?  85% of the time there is one person in the SUV
>and I shake my head in disgust.

Yes, but the 4000lb weight of the average SUV easily compensates for the
lack of passengers.

But, did you know that 88.34% of the time there is only one person in an
_Audi_? When I see that...I spit, stamp my feet, shake my fist and curse
those Teutonic devils. May a flock of Swedish hummingbirds fly up their


P.S.:  And another thing: if we could provide the starving people of this
planet with just a cup of rice for every mile that Audis are driven with
the sunroof tightly closed! Also let's not neglect to mention the fact that
your average Audi-driving, fascist dwarf ignores his oh-so-cool ski
bag--perhaps using it only a handful of times per year (if the cretin can
remember how it works).
The horror! The horror!

Speaking of ski bags--->the one in my 200Q is somewhat blocked by the CD
changer that hangs down (dead center) from the parcel shelf (and the bag
can barely be opened). Is there a good alternate location for the changer?
Seems a move of 5 or 6 inches to one side should do the trick, but is there
anything more effective that could be done? I'd also like to relocate it so
the trunk can be  efficiently used. Presently the CD changer limits the
trunk to holding 2 instead of a possible 3 or 4 tires.

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