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Re: Testing the S4

Tom Nas <tnas@euronet.nl> wrote:

> AutoWeek NL tests the new S4 in this week's issue, and they're
> impressed.
> ...

Autocar magazine in the UK also published a test recently describing the
car as "Towering ability, yet lacking in personality. Fabulous engine,
immensely competent chassis."

> Top Gear were also very enthusiastic about the S4 in their Motorshow
> programme, and it appears that 'BMW drivers are switching to Audi in
> droves' (are they really?). In any case, the allotted '98 quota of
> UK-market S4s has already been sold out! ...

I think it's only certain dealers that have already pre-sold their
allocation.  My local dealer's only just started taking orders and mine
was the first they took last Wednesday.  They did say they had an enquiry
from a BMW M3 owner who seemed very interested and were expecting someone
else in the next day to order another. Overall Audi are importing about
1000 a year to the UK which averages out to one car every two months per
dealer though obviously big dealers will be getting more and smaller ones

I've been driving my RS2 for two and a half years now and it's fantastic
on the open road but awkward round town because of the lack of torque at
low revs. It sounds like the new S4 should eliminate this problem and not
be much slower flat out (I've a test drive in about February time to
confirm I really do want it).  It'll be sad to see the back of the 5
cylinder engine though.

Now all I have to decide on is what colour to go for.  I've seen the
special blue (pretty much the RS2 blue) at the motor show but there's also
a special Yellow (has anyone seen this?) plus the standard A4 colours.