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Re: The saga continues... (long)

(actually, it is Matt that had the problem with the door - Jim had the 
hub problems)

How did I get the door open to fix the broken latch?
I first managed to screw it up by trying to pull the outside handle 
while it was still locked.

I managed to get the door panel off and assess that the latches and 
flippers were properly flipping.  Comparson with the other handle that 
worked seemed to indicate that the latch thought it was locked, 
eventhought the lock was up.  There is a rod that is attached to the 
door lock knob-thing that goes into the door latch.  I slammed that back 
and forth about 10 times, then pulled the inside handle.  I could feel 
slight resistence at that time, so I did it again, and kicked the door 
at the same time and it popped open.

I warned my wife not to try to open it while it was locked unto I could 
get a new latch.  Of course, later that night, I went out and tried to 
open it while it was locked, and messed it up again.  This time, I could 
not get it open again.  I fussed with it for an hour before I finally 
got my hacksaw and started cutting.  I made one cut in the inside 
sheetmetal so I could get better access to the lock.  The vibrations 
from the saw moved the broken lever in the latch, and when I tried to 
open it, it did!  I think the fact that I was working on it in a sharply 
inclined driveway had much to do with it too.

Like I said, 90% luck.


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