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RE: 5ktq Mods - Math vs Claims - long

10/26/97 11:30 AM QSHIPQ@aol.com

>With tongue in cheek, Scott M., you are much more patient than some of the
>rest of us.   Re: the supercalafragilistic chip extraordinaire:
> "Forgetaboutit" - Donnie Brasco.   What the S.O.c. is describing above has
>NOTHING to do with the chip, everything to do with the turbo and wastegate.
>  A couple of claims made are really interesting.  First, 16psi in first
>is NOT a chip or computer mod or turbo mod, it's a WG spring issue (baseline
>and preload), of which many on this list have some of the best. 

Oh really mr. science................  Then Please explain why this 
happens with the STOCK Wastegate spring.  You don't have an answer there 
do ya?  See Scott unfortunaly your blinded by your own arrogance, And 
since you lack first hand experience with both of the test cars (Oh did I 
mention that this is on TWO Cars soon to be Three? Did'nt think 
so.......)  Everything that you present here is simply a.........  CLAIM

<Snipage of a rant that is better explained by buying Corkey Bells's book 
Maximum Boost>

Scott,  Until you have actuall experience with something you should 
remember that anthing that you say about it is an unfounded claim, Ones 
that we can do without.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
'87 5KCSTQ with WAY too many toys
St. Louis, MO