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Re: The Apology

> > From: luis@odf.ucsd.edu (Luis Patino)
> > 
> > Wouldn't it be wonderfurl if everybody used unix instead of POS
> > microsoft? I 
> > mean, folks, this sort of thing wouldn't happen, or at least not so
> > often
> > and unrelentlessly:

> as i recall, unix mail from a shell (telnet) doesn't _show_ you if you're
> attaching the original message--heck, doesn't even show you what you've
> written if there's more than a screen full--you kinda have to know what
> you're doing--most non-techs (and many tech types) couldn't figure out

Hmmm.  I'm using a Unix mailer (elm) and it asks whether I want to
copy the message.  Then it loads the reply into an editor, showing
the copied message.  It would be difficult not to notice...