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Re: Audi 80 5+5 engine probs

Thanks Tony and Paul for your suggestions. I took the fuel pump relay out
and resoldered all the connections. The fuel pump now seems to come on
shortly before the engine is started when the key is in the ignition
position, so i guess it solved that problem. I had a look under the car at
the plastic see through filter before the fuel pump and it had once again
collected some more dirt. I gave it a bit of a shake and then drove and the
problem came back but not as bad so the other filter on the other side of
the fuel pump may also be filled with rust or something. When i get time i
will take it out and see as suggested.

1981 80 5+5 160 000 Kilometers.
(anyone know what 5+5 stands for ???)

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From: Tony Lum <tlum@flash.net>
To: Chris <Ckor1@student>
Date: Monday, October 27, 1997 4:09 AM
Subject: Re: Audi 80 5+5 engine probs

>At 02:20 PM 9/26/97 +1000, you wrote:
>>My 1981 Audi 80 5+5 has redeveloped a strange problem. When travelling
>>rough roads (eg dirt roads in particular) on warmer days (30 degrees
>>+ ) the engine loses almost all power and will not rev any faster than
>>RPM. After switching the engine off and back on again the problem still
>>exists. But If I switch the engine off and wait about 5 to 10 minutes the
>>problem is gone. I had the same problem last year and found that my fuel
>>tank was rusted so I replaced it along with the injectors and had the car
>>tuned. After this was done I had no problems apart from the fuel pump
>>beginning to intermittantley whine after the injectors were replaced.
>>    I have checked the wiring to the fuel pump and it all seems ok. I
>>replaced one connection which was burnt out. Could this be a fuel problem
>>prehaps a problem with the ignition. I have checked most of the wiring for
>>lose connections but all seem ok.
>>Any help greatly appreciated.
>>'81 Audi 80 5+5
>Hi Chris,
>Its generally agreed that noisy fuel pumps are BAD fuel pumps.  Also try
>another fuel pump relay (especially if its hot to the touch).  Sometimes
>the fuel pump relay developes bad solder connections inside (which can be
>fixed by re-soldering them).  A fuel pressure test is the ultimate
>Tony Lum
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