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The A/C saga ends?

Well, after 4 years of complaining I think I have finally gotten my A/C
fixed, and a good deal on a new car to boot!  A little history:
Ever since I've owned the car, the A/C won't work if the inside of the
car is hot, i.e. if the car has been sitting out in the sun.
In about 1995, I got a TSB from a member of the list, Chris I think,
that described the problem I was having exactly.  I mentioned it in
passing to my "service" advisor, and got a curt reply to the effect that
"yea we've checked that."
In 1996, the A/C problem got turned over to the "service" manager, and
again I told him about the TSB, and even tried to show it to him (I had
printed it out).  Same respose.
3 weeks ago, the service representative for the southeast came down to
look at it.  He had it for about 10 days, and pronounced it fixed.  The
service advisor told me that there was a wire loose.  I asked if
perchance it was the T5g/2 wire in the Aux. relay panel, and he said
that sounded quite a bit like what he did.  He asked me how I knew, told
him again about the TSB.  His reaction: "huh? T what?"  I patiently
explained to him the concept of TSB's, and he told me that he had never
seen it, could I fax it to him.  I did, and let the service rep know. 
He was livid.  Funny guy when he's mad.

Anyway, I had told him earlier that I was looking at a new car, and now
I asked him what incentive I had to buy another one.  He told me to find
the best deal at a dealer here, and he would knock another $1000 or so
off it.  We'll see, I may tell him to chip in a CD player for free :)

The moral of this story: never assume your mechanic is competant or even