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re: dyeing black leather (creases)

> Anyone repaired black leather seats to cover the fine creases that form over
> time?  The creases are light colored; dye or something similar?
> Chris miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com

I've used leather dye on my shift knob and shift boot ('85 Coupe GT).  It
did a pretty impressive job of livening up the leather, and it's been
about a month now - constant use of the shift knob doesn't show any wear

However, I'd be kind of afraid to use it on seats - i.e. for the first
three or four days or so, I would notice some black rubbing off in my
hands (pretty mild, it would wipe off, but not too cool for clothing!).

Anyway, I just bought a bottle at the nearest shoe shop, was about $4.

Hope this helps, 

Barry J. McCabe
'the sunflower conspiracy'