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Re: Light Kit *&$%#@...

I missed the earlier bits of this thread, but if the issue is how to put hot
bulbs in, relay them and not have a bulb warning indicator, then I am up
against the same.  I will let you know if I figure out a way -- I have some
ideas.  Regarding driving lights, I paid $99 at Pep Boys for Hella XL
(auxilliary low beam lights) which come with a relay, switch and virtually
everything you need for installation.  I hooked the relay control line to
the city lights with the switch in series.  This way, I can run any
combination of lights that I choose.  I didn't want to mess up my dash with
the switch, so I mounted it at the back of that little cubby hole which is a
change holder in some cars.  The lights are terrific.  I aimed them so that
I can see much more of the road and oncoming traffic seldom flashes me.  On
a dark wet night with low beams and Hellas, turning off the Hellas is like
turning off the lights but turning off the Audi low beams has little overall

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200TQ

At 02:56 PM 10/24/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Well, if no one can come up with the fix that Eliot had someone do, I'm afraid
>that I'm gonna have to bag this approach, as I can't stand the thought of
>living with my computer display perpetually telling me I've got a bulb out.
>According to my wrench (who was the chief Audi wrench at the local dealer
>before that dealer dumped the franchise), there's no easy ($) way around
>this due to the way the computer uses the circut to test for bulb integrity
>("Hey bulb,are you still honest...?)
>Don't like the idea of living with the stock Audi Head-Darks either...
><Insert several of your most colorful explitives here, and save me the bother.>
>Soooo, it looks like the next avenue to pursue is replacing the fogs with
>real, honest-to-goodness *driving* lights.  Suggestions, BTDTs welcome...
>Oh yeah, speaking of Eliot, you folks in the Seattle area best be wary of a
>stupid grin flying down the road at about Mach 3+ in the very near future...
>Bart (whose stupid grin only flies around here at about Mach 1+...)