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In message <199710271328.NAA04768@abzsu1.aberdeen.omnes.net> BILL PARKER writes:

> A quick question.
> When you are on 'Full Boost' where does your boost gauge marker stop,
> Mine's right on the RHS and increases from 2 segments to 3. I can't remember
> if that is an indication of over boost 

The microfiche recommends that you ignore the dashboard boost gauge as it's 
notoriously inaccurate.  You have to attach a proper gauge via a T-piece in the 
ECU line and bring the hose out through the bonnet louvres and in through a 
window.  The official test for the WR engine is to accelerate in 2nd gear to 
5500rpm and hold the vehicle at that speed with the brakes, keeping the 
accelerator pedal hard down.  Maximum 10 seconds - the brake disks get _WARM_!

We use 'overboost' to mean several conditions.  On a WR, it's usually that 
level of boost that causes the ECU to shut the fuel pump down.  On other cars, 
a greater or lesser degree of overboost is sometimes programmed into the 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club