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RE: '93 Audi 90 - Power System

     Hi all,
     I don't know if anyone has responded to this problem, because i am WAY 
     behind on reading my digests, but I think I know what the problem may 
     Is sounds like all of the circuits that don't work are a part of the 
     "load reducing relay."  The same thing happened to my Vanagon a while 
     ago, and the problem was the ignition switch itself.  When you turn 
     the key to the "start" position, it opens this relay to kill these 
     circuits to make it easier for the starter to start the car.  
     In my car, these circuits would not positively reactivate, when the 
     key was turned back to "run."  Jiggling the key a little served as in 
     interim solution, until after while, I could never get these circuits 
     to come on.
     The solution was to replace the ignition switch, which is located 
     behind the key cylinder.  It's been fine ever since.
     Out of curiosity, I dissected the old switch, to see what it's problem 
     was.  Somehow the failure initiated with a poor contact, which, 
     generated heat, causing the plastic housing to soften, and the 
     pressure on the contacts to lessen, as the contacts sunk into the soft 
     plastic, which made the contact progressively worse.  Ultimately it 
     stopped making contact entirely.
     So, take a look for that.  Hope this helps.
     Date: Thu, 23 Oct 97 18:10:52 -0800
     From: Stephen Saylor <sds@flashpnt.com>
     Subject: '93 Audi 90 - Power System
     helpful collective,
     any info on the following would make me smile.
     my '93 - 90 has decided to start behaving as if the ignition system is 
     not engaged.  ie. electrical system behaves similarly to condition 
     key is "in" however engine is not running.
     conditions: motor running, all system go.
                 all fuses good
     symptoms: no head lights (running lights ok)
               no power windows
               no turn signals
     I assume this is some sort of relay problem however I've not pin 
     the culprit.  I had the dealer check my VIN for recall notice however 
     car came up clean for a similar ignition system problem.
     best, - sds