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Re: Alt Reg. Mod from TurboBrick page

On Sat, 25 Oct 1997 17:58:36 -0700, Igor Kessel wrote:

>Huw Powell wrote:
>> The only comment I would have it it seems like it says to use 16 GA wire
>> for the + output.  Isn't that a little light for 90-120 amps?  Aside from
>> the overkill typical in my high current applications, what are the DC
>> ratings for the various AWG's?  Anyone?
>No less than 0 Gauge, I would go with a 00 Gauge.
>Thanks, Eric, for the tip. I am gonna try it.
>Igor Kessel

Gentlemen, I believe that wire carries only field current
via the external regulator, not main alternator output
current.  The author assumes you will leave the existing
BFW to the battery in place.

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