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Center Driveshaft Problem?

OK, I'll make it simpler....what are the symtoms of a futched center
bearing failure?
> Hi Friends,
>      Well, I'm back...left Wyoming Wednesday; Blizzard Thursday; left
> Nebraska Saturday; 12 hours ahead of snow...16 days;
> 7,000 miles but not without something fun.....here's the problem.
>      With car in gear, coast (best at over 20mph) squeak type chatter.
>      Depress accelerator just enough to power on and squeak is gone.
>      ...or...depress clutch and squeak is gone...or...take out of gear
> squeak is gone.
>      Squeak is available in all gears....and most noticeable at high
> when car is first "engine braking."
>      Some driveline shudder seems to be detectable by me.
> I saw my mechanic this morning and he thinks that it is probably the
> "center driveshaft support mount bearing."  We put it on a lift in gear
> speed and drag were not sufficient enough to re-create the noise on the
> lift.  There seemed to be a "barely" detectable squeak coming from the
> center bearing area.  Mechanics advice was to wait until it gets worse.
> checked the tranny fluid and it's still clean (new tranny in case you
> forgot).
> Questions:
> What do you folks think from afar.
> New driveshaft is $851
> Blaufergnugen has advertisement for "CDSMB" for $109.95.
> Has anyone ever dealt with any of these issues.
> Full trip report to follow.....
> Thanks in Advance....Paul Royal
>                     90-90Q20v