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Re: Good work, and bad, by VA dealer

At 05:44 AM 10/26/97 -0500, colin cohen wrote:
>Some weeks ago, I posted a query on the List about HBL the Audi, Merc and LR
>dealers in Tysons Corner, N. VA. I got generally disparaging comments from at
>least 3 listers. However I also received a private e-mail from Mark Hogan a
>former lister who suggested that with a new service manger having been
>appointed, I should give them another try.  I called this guy, John Streeter,
>and told him my dilemma and what Mark had suggested.  He asked me to give
>a try.  And I did.

Good to hear your experiences were good.  In spite of my previous
criticism, I went to HBL anyways for my routine service (7500 mile oil
change).  It's just so much closer than any other dealer.

Also had a groaning steering rack, a leaking steering fluid hose (from
under the reservoir), and coolant level just at the 'min' line.

//Begin rant

Here's what they did wrong on the above ticket:

1) Oil change, refilled car 1 quart low!  I heard the lifters the first day
when I started it up and caught it early.  Think of what could have
happened if I didn't notice it.

2) Steering fluid hose replaced.  The fluid that leaked on the reservoir
was not cleaned up.  Groaning steering rack cited as a consequence of
leaking hose.  Steering rack still groans under same circumstances (moving
slowly or stopped while turning from dead center to left lock).

3) Coolant filled over 'max' level.  I only checked this upon seeing smoke
coming from under my hood.  Coolant spilling over on the engine...I assume.
 Definitely burning coolant...during an autoX, though.

It took me 3 days of calling the dealership to finally hear back from the
Audi rep.  Then the appointment had to be scheduled for a week later.
Plus, they held the car for an entire day, only to call me the next morning
at 7 AM telling me the car was ready.  Geesh...I'm already at work by 7 AM!

This kind of carelessness is not excusable.  Needless to say, I gave them a
very poor rating when AoA called to check on my experience.  

//End of rant

I figure that with the recent upswing in Audi sales, the dealers cannot
handle the capacity.  So they rush through cars and neglect to get the work
done correctly.

So the moral of my story?  Again, avoid HBL if possible.

Josh Pinkert