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RE: recall

Someone posted a note about the GS recall campaign for Audis.  It just 
so happens that my brother-in-law just received the same notice for his 
1988 5kW (no turbo, no Q).  Since it does not have airbags it must be 
something different.  I also have a 1988 5kCSQW and did not receive the 
recall notice.  I guess this means that either the recall does not apply 
to the CS or Q ... or Audi does not have my current address ...

I sure hope that it has nothing to do with the oil cooler lines on the NF
engine ... he just put another motor in it not that long ago because one 
of the lines blew and messed up his main bearings ...

I guess I'll get more info from the BIL and post it if I don't see any-
thing further from someone else ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)