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Re: "Radar Scramblers"

will gadd wrote:

> I recently saw an ad for a device that "reflected" radar and lidar signals,
> supposedly wrecking the return signal by adding an FM signal etc. Given
> that I've had three tickets in the last year (despite having virtually none
> in the years before), I'm looking for better anti-revenue technology than
> my current radar detector. Do any of the Tech Gurus or just plain
> opinionated have an opinion about these devices? If they work I'll pay
> happily, but I sort of recall reading something to the effect that they
> don't...
> BTW, the city attorney and I in Boulder are on a first-name basis; she's
> quite nice, but always plead not guilty!
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 Well heres a thought. If they did work them a cop would be check you speed.
He would just sit there waiting with detector for jammers. And then give you
one hell
of a bigger ticket for haveing it. In electronic warfair the bear has more
money, mostly yours. ;-)

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