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Re: '87 5kcstq - radiator leak

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997 Bill.Brace@donnelly.com wrote:

> My   '87 5kcstq  - 124k miles - has a strange radiator leak -  when hot, it
> holds pressure fine  - shut it off and let it cool down and it leaks along
> the  side seam on the end toward the engine.
>      -   I'm planning on removing the radiator and getting it fixed or
> replaced.
Accent on replaced. I tried to have metal tanks fitted to my still-good
core, but it would have cost more than...
>      -  Anyone out there BTDT?
Yup, did. Got a nice Modine, all-aluminum with a lifetime warranty. Runs
cooler on the gauge and the fan comes on less often. $200 from your local
radiator shop who distributes Modine.
 >      -  Does the Hydraulic pump have to be removed for
clearance? >
No. When I did it, it took most of an afternoon, and the expansion tank,
turbo coolant pump, and fan did have to come out, but the hyd pump can
stay. My girlfriend wondered if I could ever get it back together again,
but it is really far easier than it appears. Very logical, unlike many of
the car's other systems. BTW I made it to dinner in the 5k after starting
the project at 3 pm:) 
      -  Any advise will be apreciated.
Best wishes,