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Re: Audi Svce Code Translation Needed

I know a few of the codes.
Anything with an AM-03xx is the maintenance for that xx mileage
W2 is a warranty item
E2-2686 - Fuel Pump
AM-4708 - brake flush
AM-1378 - V belt
W5-1962 - Coolant hoses
W2-4768 - Bomb
AM-4636 - Front Brake Pads
AM-8725 - A/C Belt
W2-4490 - Alignment
W2-4090 - Front Shocks
W2 9028 - Printed Circuit (dash)

>From what I understand, the W items are warranty and the AM items are
maintenance. I went to the dealer early one morning and was allowed to
browse the fiche - took about 45 minutes to look up 50 or items.

mike miller
91 200q

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Subject: Audi Svce Code Translation Needed

>Does anyone have the Audi Service Warranty Codes deciphered and translated?
>If so, Please email and/or post. I just got my service history via fax from
>Pray Audi, and I'd like to read my car's medical
>1991 200 TQ 20 Valve 96,400 Miles
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