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Re: "Radar Scramblers"

>From what I have read, those "reflector" devices do not work.
There are radar jammers available for about $1k that do work - they are also
illegal as far as I know (so is speeding:-). Ned may have some info on
For the open road, I have had good luck with using a CB and a cheapo
detector. The CB generally gives 5 -10 mile warning and works around curves.
My Bel does not :-(

mike miller

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From: will gadd <gadd@csn.net>
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Date: Monday, October 27, 1997 6:44 PM
Subject: "Radar Scramblers"

>I recently saw an ad for a device that "reflected" radar and lidar signals,
>supposedly wrecking the return signal by adding an FM signal etc. Given
>that I've had three tickets in the last year (despite having virtually none
>in the years before), I'm looking for better anti-revenue technology than
>my current radar detector. Do any of the Tech Gurus or just plain
>opinionated have an opinion about these devices? If they work I'll pay
>happily, but I sort of recall reading something to the effect that they