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Re: '88 5kcstq electrical gremlins


   As for that antenna, btdt...  My antenna got stuck down in the middle of
Alabama and was still running (could hear the motor spinning).  I was afraid it
was going to wear out my battery, but the motor in the antenna burned itself
up before that happened.  Anyways, pulling the anenna base apart revealed the
source of the problem.  There is a driainage tube that come out of the base of
the antenna which had become clogged.  Water had backed up in the antenna base
(part with the motor in it) and killed the motor.  So, I just pulled it out.

   Open up the antenna base casing.  There are 4 screws that hold it on.  In it
you will see the motor (much water will most likely pour out) and a plastic
stip coiled up inide there.  You will want to pull the motor out.  Leave in the
white plastic strip and coil it back up in the anteanna base.  So, basically
you just have a manual antenna now (who needs power?).  My antenna motors was
really gunky and gross.  Make sure the antenna goes up and down fine manually,
and then seal it back up.  Do not mess with any of the power wires, etc.  Take
a small amount of liqid drayno or some pipe cleaner and clean out that clear
plastic drainage tube.  Then, seal it back up (sporry, you don't want to seal
it up before you solve this drainage problem.  Push back trunk liner in place.
Now you should have a fully functional antenna, but without the power.  You
just simply have to manually pull it up or push it down.  Mine stayed up almost
all the time.  Just push it down before you go through a car wash or put a car
cover over it.  Good luck!

   As for the hard cold starting, could it be injectors???  Just a thought.

   I sold my 5ktq just before it hit 120K miles.  loved the car, and it was in
great shape, but it hadn't really ran right in a year and I was dumping more
than the GNP of Equador into the thing, and I didn't see things changing.  So,
untill my income changes, I am Audi-less.  Can't wait till I can get back into
one though.