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Re: Pentosin flush

In a message dated 97-10-28 02:18:48 EST, STEADIRIC@aol.com writes:

 >but about 10 hours to earn the $250 or so it costs to buy the
 >replacement part.
 Or for some of use that only takes ONE hour......  You outta see what my 
 OT rates are........
 Later!   ~~^~~^~^~~^~^ I wish it was much later. ~~^~^~~^~^~~^^~
Dear Eric, 
   Is there ever a time when you can provide some wholesome conversation
without being so rediculous?   When I was 23yo  I PAID more in income taxes
every week than most people MADE in a week,  although I was never compelled
to discuss it or jam it up someones ass.  Westinghouse Nuclear Services
Division,  Senior Tech.  It was quite the accomplishment, but big deal.
    The way you act, I though you were some kind of juvenile.  I was shocked
to see the pictures of you from the Pikes Peak trek earlier this year,  a
grown man that acts the way you do.  For shame.   I guess it takes all


three cars and none less than ten years old, and pretty f'n proud of it too.